Simon Holliday

Portrait and Press/Promo Photography

I collaborate with individuals and bands to create original and distinctive portrait and promotional images that stand out. Get in touch if you'd like me to work with you! :)

Kate Stapley
The St. Pierre Snake Invasion
Memory Of Elephants
Kate Stapley
The St. Pierre Snake Invasion
Memory Of Elephants
Wych Elm
The Hysterical Injury, Bristol
Repo Man
Kate Stapley EP Promo, Bristol
Derren Brown, Üsküdar, Istanbul
Scott, Bristol
Kate Stapley
Chuman Record Artwork
Chiyoda Ku
John Newton of JOHN warming up backstage before playing a sold-out show supporting IDLES at Bad Bonn, Düdingen, Switzerland
Ogives Big Band
Rainbow Slicer Promo Pic, Bristol
Repo Man
Kate Stapley, "Centella" EP Cover
Julie and Dan, Withypool, Exmoor
Stéphanie, Totana, Spain
Bojack / Repo Man
Aden, Bristol
Georgina, Brandon Hill, Bristol
Ben, Bristol
James / Wych Elm
Chiyoda Ku
Rosie, Weston-super-Mare
SLONK Album Artwork, Bristol
SLONK Album Artwork, Bristol
Steve, Bristol
Mary Holliday, 1917-2011. - York
Stéphanie, Room 101, York Priory Guest House, York
Kate Stapley
Sophie, Portrait Inside A Tree
LICE press/promo photo, Bristol
Chiyoda Ku
Oh, The Guilt
Keith, Bristol
Self-portrait in the style of Cartier-Bresson
Istanbul, Turkey
Dan and Alexander
Will, Bristol
Stéphanie, Bristol